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At the presentation on hate crimes and hate incidents, the speaker from the Anti-Defamation League presented the organization’s “Pyramid of Hate.”  She noted that the base of the pyramid, which includes what we would call “microaggressions,” provides the foundation for increasingly violent levels of hatred. As the description of the pyramid notes, “If people or institutions treat behaviors on the lower levels as being acceptable or ‘normal,’ it results in the behaviors at the next level becoming more accepted.”  Now Oxy has given visible attention to the pyramid’s second level.  What is the institution doing about the basic level, the constant microaggressions that are documented on this tumblr and possibly experienced by Jewish students aside from the explicit hate incidents?  Was the event done just so that the administration could say it did something?  Where’s the commitment to addressing the constant, everyday nature of the attacks on, and the undermining of, the very personhood of those who experience microaggressions based on core aspects of our identities?


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