Welcome to Oxy!

Dear Admitted Students,

We, the Coalition @Oxy for Diversity & Equity (CODE), would like to congratulate you on your acceptance to Occidental! For those of you who were able to visit this week, you may have become aware of the issues surrounding our campus relating to diversity. Occidental College claims to value being a multicultural campus that reflects the diverse urban setting of Los Angeles. However, this image you have been receiving from the school is not the reality for many of us.

On this blog, you will find a number of statistics about Oxy’s diversity, information about the long history of student activism at Oxy, and our proposed solutions to many of the contributing factors to our problems. For more current personal accounts of racism and other forms of discrimination, please visit http://codeoxy.tumblr.com/.

While Oxy’s commitment to diversity and equity on campus has often come into question, we acknowledge that this is not specific to our school. Wherever you ultimately decide to attend, you will most likely be subject to negative experiences, similar to those you may already have encountered in your lifetime. (See: Diversity at Oxy in comparison to other colleges)

Unique to Oxy, however, is the long history of student activism and community-building to improve our campus and hold our college accountable to its core beliefs: excellence and equity. Since the 1960s, students have advocated for a more diverse multicultural environment. CODE seeks to continue and build upon the legacy of the efforts of past activists, demanding the most of our time here. As you decide which college is right for you, know that CODE is a support network for students of color and we strongly encourage you to come to Oxy and join our efforts.



CODE students and professors

P.S. Also check us out at, https://www.facebook.com/pages/CODE-Oxy/626950517338847



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